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, jerry sandusky skipped the preliminary process and his case is going straight to trial. he's facing charges that he abused boys. here's more. >> reporter: in a shocking twist, former penn state coach jerry sandusky is waiving his right to a preliminary hearing. as proceedings -- as proceedings got underway he says his -- his attorney said he is prepared to to go to trial. >> stay the course and fight we'll wait to present our side. >> we would have heard about the allegations and not not been able to cross-examine them. >> reporter: the prosecution says 11 witnesses were ready testify against sandusky and will at the trial. ultimately, the prosecution says those witnesses are been fet egg from today's -- are benefiting from today's developments. >> i want to emphasize what it would mean for the victims without creating a second record, and not having to go through the pain and suffering that's brought by a case like this. an attorney for one of the alleged victims who was set to testify agrees. >> i can imagine this is terrific for my client as well as the other victims who now don'
testified in court that he saw retired coach jerry sandusky molesting a boy in a shower. mike mcqueary was testifying in a preliminary hearing for tim curly and gary schultz. those two are charged with lying to the grand jury about the abuse described by him. jerry sandusky says he is innocent of all charges. >>> there is some good news this noontime. on the california job front the state's unemployment rate fell to 11.3%, that is the lowest rate in more than two years. according to the state employment development department, november's rate is down from 11.7%, the previous month. that is a gain of 6600 jobs. >>> lars are arguing today in san francisco's federal court over case challenging the federal defense of marriage act. a married lesbian couple filed suit, after one of them, who is an employee in the 9th circuit court of appeals was denied spousal benefits for her wife. the lawyers say that it is unconstitutional. the obama administration has filed briefs in support of the couple. >>> a marin county judge was scheduled to hold a hearing this morning on her tentative ruling yeste
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2

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